An awareness – raising thematic workshop is hosted by the GPoT Center in Instabul for the Migration Network for Asylum Seekers and Migrants in Europe and Turkey (Minaret) Project.
The aim of the two – day thematic workshop is to present the design, implementation and critical assessment of the Minaret Project as a whole, with the purpose of raising awareness, providing knowledge about the broader phenomenon of migration with special focus on EU – Turkey relations.

The aims of the workshop are:
1) Dialogical exchange between public officials and migrants / refugees.
2) Raising awareness regarding Turkey’s compliance with EU regulations concerning migration.
3) Advancing the concerns and issues of the migrant / refugee communities in Turkey and Greece.

During the workshop, some of the subjects that will be discussed are: EU – Turkey Relations on Migration: Old problems versus New Knowledge, Migration Management in Greece and Turkey, Migrant and Refugee Issues in Turkey, The Challenges of Civil Society Organizations, Ways to improve EU – Turkey Migration Management Systems, Public Perception of EU Migration Regulations and Concerns of Migrants and Migrant communities.
In the closing of the workshop, Policy Recommendations will also be elaborated.

On the third of December, a Steering Committee Meeting will follow the workshop in which the representative partners will discuss about the progress and the analysis of the project.